Basic Car Check

A vehicle check with TVC provides you with over 40 fields of information about the vehicle you are checking out.

Number of Previous Owners

See the total number of vehicle keepers which has been recorded by the DVLA since the first day of registration. There is no personal information of the vehicle keepers, this request will have to be done directly with the DVLA.

Number Plate Change History

See if there is any history of vehicle number plate changes, which includes the VRM and VRM change date.

Colour Change

Check the vehicles history of any colour changes that may happened previously. This requires immediate notification to the DVLA so that the V5 can be updated.


Check with DVLA data to see if the vehicle you are checking has been scrapped or not.

Previous N.Ireland

Supplied by DVLA prior to 2009, this is the VRM that was on the vehicle prior to it being registered with the DVLA.

VIC Inspected

This vehicle check ensures that the vehicle registration certificate (V5C) was not issued for a car that has been stolen or cloned. This normally occurs with destroyed or scrapped cars.

VIN/Chassis Number

Check the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) of a vehicle to ensure the details you have are matching with the records that DVLA holds. This is a very important check.

Engine Number

Ensure the engine number matches the records held by the DVLA.

Car Check Data

When buying a car it is always advised that you check the history of the vehicle. This is to avoid a finding out about a hidden past that can get expensive.

Outstanding Finance Check

The vehicle check includes any finance agreement details as well as finance company details too (where applicable). Purchasing a car with outstanding finance can cause some serious issues in the future if you are unaware of it.

Insurance Write-Off (Total loss) Check

Run a check to see if the vehicle has ever been declared a write-off or total loss. This includes loss type and date. This happens when the repairs costs are higher than the value of the car.

Police Stolen Check

See if the vehicle has ever been recorded stolen with the Police. Avoid being a victim of vehicle fraud.

Certificate of Destruction

Check to see if a vehicle has been issued a Certificate of Destruction by the DVLA. This is produced when a vehicle is scrapped/destroyed by an Authorised Treatment Facility (ATF).

High Risk Check

When there is a dispute – often financial related – a third party will monitor the vehicle so that it is not sold during the dispute. This check tells you if the vehicle is in fact a high risk.

Mileage Anomaly

Confirm if the mileage on display in the car is genuine or find out if there is an inconsistency with the mileage that records hold.

Stay Legal

To stay legal whilst driving your vehicle in the UK, it needs to meet the following requirements.

Have valid vehicle tax.

Have a valid MOT.

Minimum of third party car insurance.

By performing a vehicle check you are able to check the data held by the DVLA and other sources and ensure you are meeting the minimum requirements.